Yoshi Rothman

Impact Story: Joshua “Yoshi” Rothman

Hometown/Recent location: La Jolla, CA

Undergraduate Institution: Pomona College

Degree: BA in Molecular Biology

Additional Degrees: Minor in Film

Interest/ Hobbies: Weight Lifting, Making Documentaries and Short Films, Attending Sporting Events, Cooking Healthy Food.

Previous Work Experience / Internships:

  • Research Assistant at Pomona College in S. cerevisiae lab evaluating the effects of phenolic compounds on DNA
  • Fellowship at Weill Cornell Medical School at the Hospital for Special Surgery doing research on perioperative nutrition in patients undergoing total joint replacement

Current Program: Biochem & Molecular Nutrition

 1. Why did you choose to attend the Friedman School?

Initially I chose the Friedman school because of my positive experience at the admitted student open house. The drive of the faculty and students at Friedman excited me about the opportunity to be surrounded by a group of people that shared my interests and goals. However, in the first month of being a student here I have noticed that Friedman offers even more than I had hoped for. On a daily basis I have the opportunity to interact with science students, discussing how insulin goes through multiple stages of processing before becoming an active hormone. Equally stimulating is the ongoing conversation I’ve had with the policy students about how the SOFI 2013 will influence future nutrition policies in the United States. All in the first month! I can only look forward to the many great experiences ahead as a BMN student at the Friedman School.

2. What are you most looking forward to during your time at the Friedman School and/or what have some of your favorite experiences been at the Friedman School?

The first month at the Friedman School has been an exciting one so far. Not only are the classes directly in line with my interests but the HNRCA and Friedman seminars, along with the student practicum presentations have me thrilled for my future at Friedman. After completing Dr. Obin’s modern biology techniques course, I look forward to participating in my own rigorous practicum, which I anticipate will prepare me for a future in biochemical and molecular nutrition research. Additionally, my advisor Dr. Saltzman has taken the time to set me up to maximize my Friedman experience. In fact, it seems like all the professors here at Friedman are willing to help when motivated students show interest. The sky is the limit here, and I intend on getting as much out of this school as possible.

3. What are your career aspirations and how do you think your Friedman School education will help you achieve these goals?

Either as a physician or as a researcher, I would like to improve the overall health and nutrition of the population. Regardless of my specialty, a strong background in nutrition will help me formulate more comprehensive treatment plans for patients. The Friedman school will provide me with the right foundation in nutrition to develop these treatment plans and I will be able to carry out relevant nutritional research in my field that could give future patients improved outcomes. Many diseases are more prevalent in overweight and obese people, and my goal is to treat, educate, and support these individuals before diseases develop. I believe physicians often overlook the health benefits of nutrition and I think a multidisciplinary approach needs to be implemented to improve the quality of care in all specialties. Friedman is providing me with the education and skills necessary to implement these changes in the world of health maintenance and medicine.

4. How has financial aid impacted your Friedman School experience and/or what would you like to say to thank our donors for their generosity?

The Friedman School experience is unrivaled by any institution in the country. The academic atmosphere, the breadth of research, and the interaction with other like-minded, motivated individuals make this school the best of its kind. I can’t express enough gratitude for the donors who have given me the opportunity to attend the Friedman School. Without them I would not have the opportunity to reap the multiple benefits that this school has to offer. Thank you!