Paula Nesbeth

Impact Story: Paula Nesbeth

Hometown/Recent location: Kingston, Jamaica and Irvington, NJ

Undergraduate Institution: Grinnell College

Degree: BA Biological Chemistry

Previous Work Experience / Internships:

  • Toxicology Intern
  • Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition.
  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • Summer Research Assistant
  • Department of Medicine
  • Medical College of Wisconsin

 Current Program: Biochemical and Molecular Nutrition

1. Why did you choose to attend the Friedman School?

I chose the Friedman School because I wanted an established graduate program that was only focused only nutrition and that aims for interdisciplinary programs and experiences. I am currently pursuing MS in Biochemical and Molecular Nutrition which is scientific research based but I wanted to opportunity to explore other fields, like policy or communications, that deals with food and nutrition but from different angles. Scientific research does not exist in a bubble as it informs policies and the knowledge trickles down to the average everyday person and that is why I chose the Friedman School because here I am given the opportunity and encouraged to explore this connection and broaden my interests.

2. What are you most looking forward to during your time at the Friedman School and/or what have some of your favorite experiences been at the Friedman School?

I am looking forward to getting to know the professors and their area of expertise to get a sample of what the field of nutrition has to offer and finding that topic and area that really sparks my interest in nutrition.

3. What are your career aspirations and how do you think your Friedman School education will help you achieve these goals?

As a new student, I have not chosen my exact career path and that is what I hope to discover at my years at the Friedman School being exposed to different aspects of nutrition research and mentor-ship from professors.

4. How has financial aid impacted your Friedman School experience and/or what would you like to say to thank our donors for their generosity?

Graduate school anywhere is a significant financial and personal commitment. I am personally and academically committed to being successful here at the Friedman School and with the help of Friedman School donors, I am able to financially commit to my future success. I am happy and grateful to donors for assisting me and other students in pursuing our passions and interests here at the Friedman School.