Tita Gemechu

Dear Friedman donors and friends,

My name is Tita Gemechu, and I’m a student of Humanitarian Assistance at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy. I have always been interested in studying Humanitarian Assistance to develop my knowledge and skills in the areas of nutrition, food policy, and economic, political, and social development as they relate to humanitarian action. I feel honored to be part of this program because the Friedman School has a world class faculty with hands-on experience. I am honored for the opportunity to share my story and express my appreciation for your generosity.

I had been working on humanitarian programs, particularly with drought affected pastoralist communities in Ethiopia, before I joined Tufts. Working with prominent organizations like Oxfam America, fully developed my interest in humanitarian work and I gained valuable experience. However, I realized the importance of having advanced knowledge and skills to sharpen my analytical skills. I found the Master of Arts in Humanitarian Assistance (MAHA) offered at Friedman School perfectly designed. Although I have been here only for a short period, the experience so far has been remarkable. I have learned so much from both the in-class study and from the various academic events at the university. The many social activities organized at the university and interaction with students from different backgrounds and nationalities have also been a great part of my learning. Tufts University is also offering a chance for students to contribute their knowledge and skills through various professional clubs to advance humanitarian and development issues. I’m volunteering at Tufts University Refugee Assistance Program to help new immigrant families in Boston. I’m very thankful to have such an opportunity to learn firsthand from the leading scholars in the field of Humanitarian Assistance.

Being one of the few African students at the Friedman School makes me feel proud and inspires me to contribute more in my future engagement to the achievement of humanitarian objectives. I’m grateful that your generosity allowed me to pursue a career that I’m most passionate about and that will hopefully have positive impacts on people’s lives.

Thank you!


Tita Gemechu, N13

Masters of Arts in Humanitarian Assistance