Impact Story: Laura Carroll

Dear Friedman School donors:

LauraCarroll2When applying to graduate school, I took a gamble and only applied to the Friedman School.  There was no other place I wanted to be.  Thankfully, I got my wish and was accepted into the Food Policy and Applied Nutrition program and received a generous scholarship.  I feel extremely lucky and grateful for the opportunities that Friedman has provided.    

Before enrolling at the Friedman School, I worked as a summer camp counselor for several years.  My experience taught me about the significant impact that can be made on adolescents and young children.  My undergraduate thesis on women’s negative body image and my work at the Multi-Eating Disorders Association demonstrated the importance of improving children’s relationship with food.  Studying at the Friedman School is helping me advance my research in this area and reach my career goals to help fight childhood obesity, change children’s perspective on food and make them excited about staying healthy.

In addition to taking classes, I wanted to be integrated into the Friedman School community.  Shortly after starting classes I joined Student Council as the Treasurer.   As a member of Student Council, I am able to help make improvements for everyone at Friedman.  The students, faculty, and administrative staff exude warmth, enthusiasm, and a passion for food and nutrition.  Having advisors and professors who are prominent leaders in the nutrition world is an inspiration.
Additionally, this fall I volunteered with a group of Friedman students at the Chinatown Oak Street Health Fair.  I helped children, parents, and grandparents roll brown rice sushi.  While most people were more interested in eating the final product, it was wonderful to see the joy on people’s faces as they rolled and then tried an all vegetarian, brown rice sushi roll.  An array of opportunities like this are easily opened at the Friedman School, and I look forward to continuing community work through my required internship, where I hope to work in another part of the country to expand my experience in nutrition education and advocacy.    

Thank you for your support and making graduate school possible for me and fellow classmates.  


Laura Carroll
MS/MPH candidate, Food Policy and Applied Nutrition, 2012
Tufts University
The Gerald J. and Dorothy R. Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy