Impact Stories: Jared Pearlman

Jared Pearlman

Jared Pearlman

Class Year:

Nutritional Biochemistry and Metabolism

Lynne Ausman

Years of volunteer service: 3

Please explain your motivation(s) for giving to The Friedman School:

To ensure that this outstanding School continues to thrive as the world leader in nutrition science and continues to enrich and shape public policy throughout the world.

How has the Friedman School impacted your life (personally and/or professionally)?

 Before enrolling in the Nutritional Biochemistry and Metabolism Master’s Program at the Friedman School, I envisioned that my graduate work would be just another stepping stone to a career in research or industry; however, when I began my coursework and started interacting with fellow students and faculty, I quickly realized that my time at the Friedman School would help shape my career goals and general outlook on life.

First, the personal interaction between faculty and staff is unparalleled. Because of the small class sizes, students can readily interact with their teachers and almost always be on a first name basis. Second, students have access to some of the best resources to pursue and master their area of study. Having access to resources across multiple disciplines and having the option to take classes at other schools in order to better master a particular subject helps students understand the importance of expanding on a particular skill set and optimizing your time in a great academic setting. Lastly, I found that the social and academic environments are not mutually exclusive and that this synergy breads enthusiasm and excitement throughout the school.


What have you found to be most rewarding/exciting about reconnecting with the School?

The ability to see first hand how the School continually evolves and strives to make lives better not only in our country but also around the globe. The drive and motivation that our students have to better civilization as a whole makes this School very unique.

What is your fondest memory of the Friedman School?

The fall and spring school picnics. Not only was there great (and nutritious) food but also great conversation with faculty.

Based on your experiences to date, what do you think makes the Friedman School special or unique?

Hands down, the world-class faculty. Over the course of my two year program, I had the privilege of learning from and being mentored by some of the best researchers and teaching instructors in the world. A potential student or “passer by” may interpret this as being somewhat of a clichéd expression when speaking of an alma mater, but with heartfelt sincerity, I believe it to be the truth. From the classroom to the laboratory, the faculty constantly challenge students to do better and not to settle for mediocrity. Thinking back to those long nights and early mornings in the library or lab, I remember thinking at the time this couldn’t possibly help me in the long run. Little did I know that those many hours studying would pay off in more ways than one, and instill upon me a strength and drive that I would never have imagined had it not been for the dedication of the faculty and staff at the Friedman School.