Impact Stories: Jackie Parr

Dear Friedman School Donors,

JackieP1Prior to coming to the Friedman School to study in the Biochemical and Molecular Nutrition (BMN) Master’s program, I trained as a veterinarian.  I received my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2009.  After completing my DVM degree, I pursued a small animal emergency, surgery, and medicine internship at Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston.  Coming to Boston was a very big move for me as I had never lived outside Ontario, Canada before.  I packed up my apartment, my two dogs, and made the drive to Boston.  Most weeks during my internship I worked over 80 hours which left very little time for sleeping! After completing my internship, I started a residency in veterinary clinical nutrition under the American College of Veterinary Nutrition. I was fortunate to be able to complete my clinical residency training at Angell Animal Medical Center.  I wanted to pursue a Master’s program focused on nutrition during my residency and Tuft’s Friedman’s BMN program became the clear choice for me.  I was ecstatic to be accepted into the program!

Because I am in my eleventh year of training, the tuition scholarship I received when entering the BMN program has helped tremendously.  This financial support has allowed me to work fewer hours as a veterinarian during weekends so that I can focus on my studies and worry a little less about tuition payments.  I am incredibly appreciative of all the donors at the Friedman School.  I recently had the opportunity to volunteer during a Friedman School phone-a-thon and it was a great experience to speak with alumni and personally let them know how much their support means to me.
From the moment I started orientation at the Friedman School, I felt a sense of community.  From the social potluck gatherings to the collegiality in the classroom, I feel very much at home here.  I have already made many close friendships that I know will last even when I make my way back to Ontario.

In fall 2013 I will be moving back to Ontario to complete a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Ontario Veterinary College.  I will be working with veterinary students, clinicians, and pet owners to educate them on appropriate diet plans for patients (dogs and cats) in the veterinary hospital.  My Master’s from the Friedman School will provide me with the in depth nutrition knowledge I need to help train future veterinarians about biochemical and molecular nutrition.  I will forever be thankful for the learning experiences I have had in Boston and know it will always be my second home.

Jackie Parr, DVM, BScH
BMN Masters Candidate, Friedman School of Nutrition
Clinical Nutrition Resident, American College of Veterinary Nutrition