Impact Stories: Dara Borto

Dara Borto

Dara Borto

Class Year:

Frances Stern Combined Dietetic Internship and Masters Degree

Johanna Dwyer

Years of volunteer service: 2

Years of philanthropic support: 2

Please explain your motivation(s) for giving to The Friedman School:

As a student I was exposed to a variety of opportunities to work closely with well respected people in the field of nutrition. Both my professors and preceptors were people that I respected very much and learned so much from. They were mentors to me, and I wanted to be able to help give others this same opportunity.

How has the Friedman School impacted your life (personally and/or professionally)?

I have been able to keep in touch with many of my mentors and I continue to learn from them as I grow in my career. The network I formed through the Friedman school has exposed me to opportunities that allow me to increase my knowledge and develop my career.

What have you found to be most rewarding/exciting about reconnecting with the School?

Reconnecting with the Friedman School has allowed me to participate in activities with leaders in the field of nutrition. I am continually exposed to a variety of topics which keeps my nutrition knowledge current, even if it isn’t in my area of expertise.

I also love to see what the current students are working on, hearing their excitement as they look for new jobs, and assisting them in their career paths.

What is your fondest memory of the Friedman School?

One of the greatest things was, as a student of Dr. Dwyer’s, she always introduced you as her colleague. To her we were not just students but the future of clinical nutrition and should be treated with respect. For her to show that much confidence in me as I was learning made me feel a great sense of pride.

Based on your experiences to date, what do you think makes the Friedman School special or unique?

It really is all about the opportunities the Friedman School gives you. The people in the school reach out and help you in anyway they can so that you can develop within your area of expertise. It really is a place that fosters learning and growth.