Impact Stories: Beverly Tepper

Beverly Tepper

Beverly Tepper

Class Year:
N82, NG86

Robin Kanarek

Years of philanthropic support: 17

Please explain your motivation(s) for giving to The Friedman School:

I had very limited financial resources as a graduate student. I know firsthand how important a fellowship/assistantship can be to a student’s progress and future success. I wanted to give that opportunity to another student.

How has the Friedman School impacted your life (personally and/or professionally)?

Friedman School credentials have opened doors for me professionally.

What have you found to be most rewarding/exciting about reconnecting with the School?

Reconnecting with former professors and classmates.

What is your fondest memory of the Friedman School?

Walking into (then) Dean Gershoff’s office (without an appointment) to discuss science, coursework or finances – whatever was on my mind. The Dean and faculty were always approachable and accessible to students. This is rare in most institutions.

Based on your experiences to date, what do you think makes the Friedman School special or unique?

Nutrition is a multidisciplinary field, but not all programs train students using an interdisciplinary approach. Friedman students are exposed to nutrition from a variety of perspectives including public health, policy and lifestyle factors. They are well-trained in their own sub-field but also appreciate the broader implications of nutrition to human health.

Photo courtesy of Jeff Foley