Impact Stories: Anna Chew

Dear Friedman School Donors,

AnnaC1Thank you for your generous donations that have translated into opportunities for Friedman School students like me.  I am a first-year doctoral student in the Nutritional Epidemiology program with aspirations of a career in research and academia.  Without your help, I would not have this amazing opportunity to be part of such a prestigious nutrition program.

As a registered dietitian, I have always been interested in evidence-based practice.  The Tufts Health and Nutrition Letter was always a great resource for concise, up-to-date information, and it sparked my interest in Tufts University – it was not long before I realized Tufts’ prestige in the nutrition world.  Although clinical dietetics was a fulfilling career, I always knew I was going to attend graduate school because of my interest in research and teaching.  Because I wanted to explore prevention and interventions at the population level, I decided to complete my Master of Public Health degree with a concentration in epidemiology.  Then, for my doctoral studies, I wanted to combine both my undergraduate and graduate degrees and was delighted to find the Nutritional Epidemiology PhD program at the Friedman School – it is a perfect marriage of my two passions.  AnnaCandKAbrecht

Prior to studying at the Friedman School, I had only dabbled in research.  Now, I am working on various vitamin D research projects in the Bone Metabolism Lab at the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging.  I’m very excited to have this opportunity to work with such a talented team of researchers.  In addition, I will be a teaching assistant for a nutrition course next semester.  The Friedman School at Tufts is proving to be the perfect place for me, and a huge part of why I am able to be here is thanks to donors like you.  

With gratitude,

Anna Chew, MPH, RD
Nutritional Epidemiology PhD Candidate
Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy
Tufts University