Giving Impact Stories

What impact does my gift have on the Friedman School?

Students, faculty and nutrition researchers are the direct beneficiaries of your generosity. Gifts directed toward annual unrestricted support through the Annual Fund or toward restricted endowment funds, such as financial aid, faculty professorships, and research initiatives all support the Friedman School mission of improving the nutritional well-being of people worldwide.

Your gift can:

  • Give a deserving student the opportunity to receive a Friedman School education- the only independent graduate school of nutrition in North America!
  • Provide faculty with funding to conduct a nationwide community intervention.
  • Allow a Friedman School scientist to discover the next nutrition breakthrough, helping millions to lead a healthier life.
  • Fund student internship experiences, providing students with critical hands-on learning opportunities.

Every gift truly makes a difference!  Please read the stories below to see how your much your support is needed and appreciated.

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Why do alumni choose to support the school?

Friedman School alumni are diverse. There is no one size fits all approach to why they give back. Some want to provide students with the financial assistance that they received as students. Some are grateful for their education and the many doors it has opened. Some are compelled to improve the student experience. Some want to ensure that the Friedman School’s reputation remain strong.

Read the stories below to find out more about what motivates our alumni to give. There are many other reasons our alumni support us, please tell us yours! If you have a story to share, please contact Nancy Mehegan, Assistant Director of Stewardship and and Communications at

Your investment in the Friedman School is critical to its future success and strength both in the U.S. and abroad.

Why do faculty choose to support the school?

Friedman School faculty are world renowned leaders in their fields. They passionately advance the School’s mission in their daily service to the School as well as in their research. Faculty participation in the annual fund is a reflection of their commitment to providing students with the necessary skills and opportunities to become the next generation of nutrition leaders.They are also dedicated to expanding and strengthening the reach and global impact of the School’s pioneering nutrition research. The Friedman School is grateful that those closest to the School make supporting the School financially a philanthropic priority.

Please read some stories below from Friedman School faculty about why they choose to give.

Thank you in advance for your financial support of this first class institution.