Christine Sullivan

Impact Story: Christine Sullivan

Hometown/Recent location: Upton, MA

Undergraduate Institution: University of Vermont

Degree: BS, Animal Science

Interest/ Hobbies: Everything outdoors- skiing, sailing, golf, horseback riding, hiking.  Local involvement on town committees and boards.  Education and entertaining.

Previous Work Experience / Internships: For the previous six years, I worked in field sales and nutrition consulting for Blue Seal Feeds,  a manufacturer of animal feed and nutrition products.  Prior to that, I managed a family owned design/build firm operating in the Metrowest area of Boston.

Current Program: Nutrition Communication

1. Why did you choose to attend the Friedman School?

My career change was prompted by my exposure to livestock farming and the folks I met who were interested in improving their diets by choosing more selectively raised/grown food products.  I found there is a great deal of unnecessary confusion and fear spread by those who have a financial interest in creating unwarranted concerns.  I hope that Friedman School will provide me with a strong platform for generating and disseminating accurate information.

2. What are you most looking forward to during your time at the Friedman School and/or what have some of your favorite experiences been at the Friedman School?  

I am motivated by the tremendous experience of the faculty, their wide range of expertise and their involvement in their respective fields.  I look forward to opportunities to learn more about their work and develop closer relationships with them.  Along those lines, I expect to begin a work-study job with Dr. Goldberg and The Green Project next week.  The student groups that interest me are The Sprout and Tufts Works.

3. What are your career aspirations and how do you think your Friedman School education will help you achieve these goals?

In very broad terms, my career goals are to find the most effective way to share the most information with the most people, reaching the population in a large way.  I will be exploring opportunities in media, corporate food and government.  I hope that Friedman and the alumni network will provide additional information as I consider the options and that I will leave Friedman with a very strong scientific understanding of nutrition, and the skills to communicate it effectively.

4. How has financial aid impacted your Friedman School experience and/or what would you like to say to thank our donors for their generosity? 

My decision to leave a successful career and assume the financial obligations of obtaining a masters degree needed to be carefully weighed, as it impacted my whole family.  Every dollar in our budget had to be evaluated and accounted for.  The financial aid received from Friedman fit was an important piece of the larger puzzle-could I find a way to make this work?  Thankfully, the answer was “yes” and I am excited to be on this path, and very grateful to those who have assisted me.